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Financial Counsellors assist people in financial difficulty. They provide information, support and advocacy to help people deal with immediate financial problems and minimise the risk of future problems.

Financial Counsellors work in community organisations, and their services are free, confidential, independent and non-conflicted.

Financial Counsellors do not accept fees or commissions and are not financial planners, financial advisers, debt agreement or debt management firms or companies that offer budget services.

People wishing to join FCAT need to meet the requirements and ongoing obligations of becoming a member of FCAT and a professional Financial Counsellor or you can join as an Associate member or Affiliate member.

Members are obliged to uphold the Code of Ethical Practice, FCAT Constitution, Supervision Policy and National Standards and new members must agree to these also.

Complete the FCAT membership application form, provide a copy of your resume and qualifications. Lodge your application and documents with FCAT and your application is usually approved within two weeks.

New Member Application/Rejoin Form

If you wish to find out more about membership with FCAT, contact

Stephanie Lovell

Membership Officer at FCAT
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