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Professional Development

FCAT members must comply with national standards for continuing professional development (CPD) and supervision set by Financial Counselling Australia (FCA).


Members must complete 20 points of CPD per calendar year.


If working as a financial counsellor, minimum supervision requirements are as follows:

·         employed 0.5 FTE or more – 10 hours per calendar year; or

·         employed less than 0.5 FTE – 6 hours per calendar year.


CPD and supervision are to be recorded in the “My Profile” section of the FCA toolkit. Membership eligibility is audited at the conclusion of each calendar year and you may be required to provide a copy of your CPD and supervision records.

As a member of FCAT you are entitled to use the Learning Management System of FCA to improve your knowledge of financial counselling.  There are several courses to chhose from and they can help you accumulate professional development points.

James Davis has prepared a number of videos that explore financial counselling skills and practices.

Griffith University has developed a series of tutorials on tax.

A selection of presentations that members have found useful.

The polices and forms that members are required to be familiar with and use to demonstrate the maintenance and development of their professional knowledge and skills.

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